Action research

The research consists of a case study about an experience of educational training and action research realized by a network of secondary schools in Padua, involved in the development  of compulsory  education. The research has been realized  in collaboration with  RED Laboratory of CIRDFA ( Interateneum Center for  Didactic Research and  Advanced Education) coordinated by the author of this thesis  from 2007 to 2010.  Descriptive-narrative data (reports of staff meetings,  students’ statements,  teachers’ opinions  exchanged in the network forum ) as well as  quantitative data (collected through  questionnaires) are examined.  The research intends to contribute to a more active role of professionals in the process of adult education, in terms of awareness of one’s  own expertise, auto-exploration and reevaluation of professional ability, through theoretical models proposed as part of a process of personal research, rather than using them as general rules and guidelines.


action research, educational counselling, educational network, reflective teacher, systemic-constructivist learning model